Our Values

Education: I have my doctorate in developmental psychology, and Kevin has his MBA. We stay involved with our alma maters. We are also very involved with Ashley’s school. We believe in education and learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

Spending time together: The three of us enjoy eating out together and trying new things as a family, like camping! Our family also includes our dog, tiny lizard, and fish at home. We love spending time with all of us together, but each of us also has special activities we love to do with Ashley. Ashley and her dad enjoy playing with Legos, doing puzzles, drawing and joking. Ashley and I love to read together and explore new places. We also love to do yoga, swim, and play tennis together.

Family: We are very close to our family, which includes Ashley’s three cousins – 1, 5, and 7 years of age, Kevin’s sister and our brother-in-law. Ashley is also very close to her grandparents – Kevin’s parents and my father. Ashley and my dad love to play golf and visit the zoo together. He taught her how to swim and play tennis. She and Kevin’s mom go to American Girl to celebrate school milestones. A year ago, my mother passed away. This was very difficult because we were very close. Ashley was also very attached to her; as a young child, she would cry when my mom left after a visit to see us. My mom taught Ashley how to knit, and often spent time with her while I worked.

Community involvement: One of Ashley’s favorite activities is participating in her Brownie troop on which I serve as troop leader. Most recently, she and her troop prepared meals for the homeless. We also just spent a night sleeping over at the Natural History Museum!