Our Traditions

We have many traditions we share as a family. Every Thanksgiving, we spend time with Kevin’s parents, his sister, and her family and our brother-in-law’s parents. Thanksgiving morning, the children go for a walk with Ashley's uncle and find sticks for the fire.

Every Christmas, we get 2 trees from the same stand – a small one for Ashley’s room and a large one for our living room. We spend Christmas with my dad, aunt, and uncle. We go to Mass on Christmas Eve. After opening presents on Christmas morning, we always make cinnamon rolls!

We spend Easter in Florida with Ashley’s grandpa, and we go to Vermont every winter to sled and play in the snow.

The three of us have visited 7 countries together. In the summer, we go to Spain and England as a family, and visit Nantucket with friends. Every fall, we go apple and pumpkin picking at the same farm I did as a child.

Birthdays are another important tradition in our family. We always have family and friend parties. For her 9th birthday, Ashley had a Harry Potter themed party.